Welcome to Sioux Falls Quilters' Guild

Sioux Falls Quilters' Guild was organized in 1986 and currently has about 175 members.  We welcome all quilters, experienced or novice, who share an interest in learning more about quilting: piecing, applique, designing, caring for, or displaying quilts.

The purpose of our guild is to encourage a wider appreciation of quilting; to raise and maintain standards of design, individual ideas and expression; and to keep interest alive by promoting local quilt projects and programs and doing charitable works. 

Membership :
Benefits include monthly meetings, newsletters, demonstrations, lectures, show and tell, small groups, exposure to nationally-know instructors, lectures and BOM.
$20 for Individual Membership
$10 for Youth
(8 to 18 years of age)
$25 for Business
This includes one individual membership
 and an ad in our business listing

Member dues are paid at the meetings in January and February or by mail.  An annual membership list will be sent out in the March newsletter and a Business membership list will be sent in the April newsletter.
Guests may attend two meetings before being asked to pay dues.  

If you have any questions and/or interested in joining our group contact us at  sfqg1986@hotmail.com or attend a meeting. 

  To contact us:  

Meetings are at 6:45pm  

 2nd Thursday of each month  


Southern Hills United Methodist Church

   3400 E. 49th St,  Sioux Falls, SD  


E-mail: sfqg1986@hotmail.com
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/DakotaPieces/

Link to SFQG Facebook Events Page:


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