Two Color Quilt Challenge

     During this difficult time of separation and social distancing we would

like to find ways to stay connected with our quilting family.

     We are planning a Two-Color Challenge for the month of April.  We

encourage everyone to participate and post progress on the Facebook

page.  If you type #twocolorchallenge under your pictures we will be

able to search for challenge posts without going through all of the other

Facebook posting.

     If you do not have a Facebook account consider starting one and

joining our guild Facebook group.  Posts in the guild page can only be

viewed by group members that must be approved by the administrator. 


Here are the guidelines for the challenge:

1.  There are no size requirements and this can be any pieced item of your choice (ranging from a quilt of any size, table runner, tote bag, garment, etc.)
2.  The quilt must be only two colors.  For example, red and white or turquoise and brown are both two-color combinations.  (green and blue with a gray background would be a three-color combination not two!)
3.  ALL VALUES of your two colors may be used.  For example, reds can range from pink to dark red.
4.  Both solids and prints may be used. Prints should be predominately one of your two colors.
5.  Please make this a new project for the month of April not one that you have previously made.